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The girls at Bondi Beauty want the best Valentine’s ever, and have compiled their list of favourite Valentine gifts.


Love Is In The Air

We understand the pressure to find the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine’s day, so have put together a gift guide of what we’d like to receive.

By Interns Brooke Davie, Dominique Tait, Lauren Wallace & Jessica Abdo.

New Love (Under $50):

Gifts for your new boyfriend/girlfriend:

If your relationship is still new, we understand buying gifts can be a tricky task. We have put together a list of gift ideas under $50 that your partner will appreciate.

For Him:

• Getting him that video game, dvd, or album  you know he has been desperate to get his hands on shows you pay attention to his interests (and it’s not so romantic you will scare him away, but it is bound to make him like you a lot more)
•Upgrade his old wallet, he will surely thank you for the new leather (Jcrew Wallet $29.50, comes in a handsome brown-leather)

• You don’t want your guy to think you’re telling him to clean up his act by giving him soap, but the selling point of Crabtree & Evelyn’s black sea mud & seaweed triple milled soap is that you can use it too. It’s unisex and smells fresh with coconut oil to keep your skin soft.


This unisex soap from Crabtree & Evelyn is economical yet luxe. Black Sea Mud & Seaweed Triple Milled Soap $15.

• If he is a modern man, the Mr. Porter Paperback ($38) is the first volume of The Manual for a Stylish Life And is filled with knowledge and insight he will love, be it style icons, advise on men’s fashion or how to dance at a wedding.
• New relationships are always tricky, there are so many boundaries and lines that it’s hard to stay on the right side of everything. This year, play it safe with a special Valentine’s breakfast. Treat your guy to a delicious meal without all the strings attached to the traditional Valentine’s dinner. Breakfasts or brunches send a lighter message of love, plus you have the whole day left for him to treat you.

For Her:

Couture Lala Malibu

Wet flower petals, green apple, mandarin and frangipani make Couture La La Malibu fragrance a stand out for Valentine’s Day.

• Dinner for two at her favourite restaurant (you can make it as casual or romantic as you want – Sounds great to us

• Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Juice Couture has released two new interpretations of their best selling fragrances, Juicy Couture and Couture La La. Beautifully packaged in pink bottles, vibrant fruity notes and sensuous blossoms will delight her ( and you) and help you both feel the love, both 75ml and $85 each.

Candles ensure you set a romantic tone, if you want to impress your new lady love, the Ecoya 4 piece Votive and Glass Gift set boasts soy wax candles with fabulous fragrances ($39) and comes in stylish packaging.


Ecoya 4 piece Votive and Glass Gift set boasts soy wax candles with fabulous fragrances ($39)

• Guys should steer clear of cliché gifts like teddies or chocolates. Nothing says “you’re special” better than a unique present. For a new relationship, bed wear is a cute but sexy present. You’re able to choose the level of saucy-ness, cuteness or innocence and she’ll appreciate the unique gift.
• If you’re stumped for ideas, why not treat her to some pampering by giving her a voucher for a manicure. What woman doesn’t want a mani-pedi combo?

Long Love

Gift ideas for your long term lover:

Running out of ideas to get your partner when you’ve been together for a long period of time is a common occurrence,rest assured the gift list has not run dry yet.

For Him:

• Skydiving in the Hunter Valley $263 (maybe even make a weekend of it, sounds fun right?)
• What about his grooming habits? Is he forgetful or maybe he is fanatic about his skin care routines? Either way a grooming kit will come in handy. Elemis The Adventurer, Men’s Grooming kit, is a gift pack that contains cleanser, moisturiser and aching muscle soak. What’s not to love about a man who smells good and looks after his skin?

im_1 (1)

Elemis for men – it will stop him borrowing your skincare.

• Is he into the ocean? Loves boats? Why not give him a gift he will enjoy with his friends? (How nice of you) Social Race Sailing on a Luxury Yacht sounds pretty good right? Co-ordinate with your girlfriends for all the men to go sailing on a Saturday afternoon and it becomes a win-win situation as you get to spend the afternoon with your girlfriends

• Buy him tickets to something you will both enjoy -such as a concert – this will make for a memorable experience as well as special treat

For Her:

• 90 minute Massage and facial at home $159 (She will have to love you)
• Engraved Jewellery – this option gives you the freedom to choose the colour, the words, the type of jewellery, etc. It is a personalised gift that she will love.
• Tiffany and Co Initial Pendent  $100 (Who doesn’t dream about the blue Tiffany Box) It’s romantic but an easy gift to give because she is bound to love it
• All girls love to be pampered. A day at the spa is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’re not sure of her favourite treatment guys can easily pick out day spa packages and usually around this time of year spas will put together a Valentine’s Day special. Give your girl the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.
• If you know she has been pining for a special item why not buy it for her. Surprise her with something she wouldn’t normally treat herself to whether its lingerie, perfume or that dress she has been eyeing off for months.

On a Budget.

Budget Gift Guide:

For those of us who don’t want to splurge on valentines day, personal gifts can be just as romantic. Sometimes (but not always) we can’t justify spending copious amounts on gifts for a significant other, below we have listed some ideas for V-day gifts that will cost you next to nothing:

• Breakfast in bed for your significant other will only set you back the cost of ingredients
• Baking a cake or yummy dessert – Macaroons anyone?
• Picnic in a pretty location


The simple things in life and love are often the best, like a lovely picnic, especially if you’ve included some of her favourite things.

• Create a book of love coupons and be as imaginative as you like and include a mix of sexy and sweet gifts he can redeem
• Photobook, scrapbook – depending on your partners interests and/or hobbies
• Photo album or photo frame with pictures of the two of you
• Warm up your hands and treat your guy to a personal massage by his favourite girl. Create a custom made spa especially for him, use candles, relaxing music and massage oils to rub the tension out of his body. He’ll love the personal touches to this budget gift.
• Girls love surprises! Make all the arrangements for a special movie night, topped off with a home cooked dinner and chocolate. Then in a hand-made invitation, ask her to join you for a special night at home. Deliver the note to her at work or leave it somewhere special for her to find in the morning. Place hints about the night in her hand bag, around the house, her wallet and anywhere you think she’ll be looking that day to keep her anticipated and excited. Enjoy the night together, she’ll love the effort and thoughtful touches you put into the day.
• Create a playlist with a bunch of songs you know she will love or that remind you of her – for an added bonus attach a hand written note along with it. In the digital age hand written letters can go a long way

We hope our gift list inspired you to make your valentines day with your partner a special one.

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