Sparkling New Products to Get Christmas-Party Ready



Eyes sparkling with delectable matte and glitter shades, cheeks popping with highlighter, lips bright and bursting with colour. It’s Christmas Party time.

Christmas parties are a chance to let loose, clink the champagne glasses and celebrate another successful year.

And what better way to celebrate than to experiment with new beauty products, designed to sparkle and shine?

As the team at Bondi Beauty looks back at an amazing year, these are the products we’re using to get Christmas party ready.

Eyeshadow: Go for Gold with Glitter Tones

Ditch the smokey-eyes; Christmas wouldn’t be complete with a spot of glitter. But there’s a fine line between an eyeshadow look that is sparkling, and one that is a disco-ball.

The DB Cosmetics Drippin’ Gold 12 Shade Eyeshadow Palette (RRP $14.99) offers the perfect blend of neutral, glitter and smokey tones to create a Christmas look that features just the right amount of glitter.

DB Cosmetics drippin' gold eyeshadow palette
Holiday sparkle at an affordable price; we’re big fans

These matte and shimmer shades apply easily and are highly blendable, perfect for either a light or dramatic look that won’t make you look like a disco ball.

Start with a neutral base with white or cream undertones such as “gilded”, and mix with a slight sparkly shade such as “starlet”. Applying this to the base of the eyelid, sweeping from the lash line to slightly above the crease.

DB Cosmetics drippin gold eyeshadow
With 12 matte and shimmer shades, the is the perfect, affordable palette for a party look.

Using a neutral base ensures the sparkle isn’t overdone. It creates a subtle glow for a base, yet ensures no attention is pulled away from the starring colour: glitter.  

This season we’re loving warm glitters with red and brown undertones. They’re not over the top, just the perfect shade, and they complement a wide variety of skintones. Apply shade “dayum”, which is brown-based glitter, to the outer corner of the eye and into the crease of the eyelid. This creates dimension and contour.

Finally, finish off with a pop of pink to brighten the eye. Shade “hot fire” is a gorgeous deep rose tone.

Mix it with the white shimmery “starlet” and apply to the innermost part of the eyelid. Always pair your glitters with neutral, complimentary shades to ensure the look isn’t sparkle-central; nobody wants to look like a disco ball.

Long Lashes

Long, fluttering lashes are a must to elevate a look from casual to glamourous.

The Ardell Faux Mink Multi-Layering Mascara (RRP$19.99 AUD) is the perfect volumizing, lengthing mascara. Giving the appearance of the brand’s complimentary faux mink lashes, this utilises a clump-free formula that volumizes the lashes in just one sweep.

Ardell faux mink lashes mascara
A lengthening, volumizing mascara that won’t break the bank

The thicker wand is perfect for building up length. Apply using a shimming motion with the wand nestled in between the lashes.

To go the extra mile, match with the Ardell Faux Mink Eyelash 811 ($12.99). A medium volume, medium length product, these lashes are tapered to a flared, winged out style; shorter at the inner corner and longer as the eye expands.

This opens up the eye and ensures the lashes don’t look heavy or overpowering, for a natural yet dramatic look. These aren’t hard to apply either, the lash band a decent enough size that fits the lash adhesive well.

Lips: Bold and Bright or Subtle and Cute

Depending on the vibe of the party, you might be after a bold look that will turn heads, or a more complimentary lip colour.

The Nu Skin PowerLips Fluid (RRP$25) is a vibrant, long-lasting lipstick available in 18 bold and beautiful shades. Smelling like berries and cream, this is one tough lipstick– it’s smudge-resistant, drink-resistant and kiss-resistant, meaning it won’t come off with a sip of that champagne or a kiss under the mistletoe.

Nu Skin powerlips fluid
Bold, bright and intense colours that won’t smudge or fade

It’s also super-nourishing and hydrating, not drying out the lips like other intense lipsticks. Containing Vitamin E, Beeswax, Avocado Oil and Kaolin, all housed together in a lightweight creamy formula, this leaves lips feeling soft and plump.

Additionally, it’s a breeze to apply. A doe-foot applicator means the wand seamlessly glides over the natural contours of the lip, with vibrant colour in just one sweep.

We’re loving the hot pink shade ‘Bravery’, coral red ‘Unleash’, and for something even more extra,  the purple shade ‘Nobel’,  for the ultimate Christmas vibes and to compliment those glittery eyes.

For something more subtle, the INIKA Vegan Lipstick (RRP $39) from the new Living Colour Collection is the perfect matte option. For a warmer nude look, the shade “Spring Bloom” is a go-to. 

INIKA Vegan lipstick
Limited addition shades make this the perfect unique holiday glam

With a creamy, pigmented formula, this lipstick easily applies, the texture smooth and light. Inclusions of Organic Avocado and Shea Butter also leave lips feeling nourished, smooth and hydrated, for a long-lasting look that won’t leave lips chapped or dry.

Highlighter: Sparkling and Glowing

No festive look would be complete without a great highlighter.

The Luma On the Glow Highlighting Stick (RRP $29.95) is a great option for when out on the town. In an easy hand-bag sized tube with a roll-like applicator, this takes the mess out of applying highlighter – it can be applied literally anywhere, without the worry of product spilling or staining.

LUMA on the glow highlighting stick
An easy, roll applicator takes the mess out of highlighter

One sweep of the tube onto the cheekbones, décolletage and down the nose provides an instant glowing illumination, thanks to the crushed pearl used in the formula.

With a creamy texture, this highlighter is easily buildable – simply blend in with light fingers and continue applying to reach the desired level of highlight. For a perfect in between of a blushy pink and iridescent glow, the shade “Wander Musk” is a must have.

Apply in the contour of the check to create a warm glowing blush, before finishing above the cheekbones to highlight those areas that will catch the party-light.

Additionally, this highlighter was named as one of the Bondi Beauty team’s favourite products for 2019. Click here for more.

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