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We just couldn’t help ourselves. LUSH have released so many incredible new Easter beauty products and we needed to try as many as we could.

LUSH just keep surprising us. Every year they release so many exciting products; from Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas, their scents and their products just keep getting better.

Here’s what’s landed in store for Easter.

Seven Deadly Spins:

Hold under water and let it spin. Filled with Bergamot oil to relieve stress and litsea cubeba oil to wash away any worries, this bubble bath spinner is a real treat after a super stressful and busy day and will leave you feeling recharged afterwards.

Poisson D’Avril:

This bubble bar literally smells like a fresh autumn’s day. Crumble the bar under water into the bath to release spicy black pepper oil and warming cinnamon leaf oil to give your skin a good cleanse whilst soaking in a bath of bubbles.

Wash Behind Your Ears:

Suited for all types of hair, this shampoo bar, filled with detoxifying carrot and cleansing lemon oils will leave you with super shining hair. And the small is simple amazing too. Simply lather up in the shower and you’re good to go.

April Showers:

A beautiful bath bomb. If you like your LUSH products smelling on the sweeter side, you will love this fizzer. It smells like tutti frutti lollies and leaves you smelling fresh and floral with it’s beautiful mix of Cedarwood and cypress oils.

Carrot Soap Bar:

If you find many of the LUSH scents a little too strong, this is the perfect products for you. The scent is subtle enough to not be too overpowering, but still smells great. Made with Cedarwood and tangerine oils and carrot powder.

The Golden Egg:

Not new to LUSH, but a well-known Easter favourite, the Golden Egg is perfect when your your skin needs a hydration boost. With s side serving of glitter, this is the perfect to soak your skin in. This is a bath melt made with cocoa butter, Bergamot and almond oil. simply drop into your bath and let it do its thing.

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