How to master contouring in 4 simple steps

Contouring doesn’t have to be scary. You can master it in 4 simple steps.

Where to contour on your face

Contouring is a way to embrace but enhance what nature gave you.

Contouring and highlighting are like the Brad and Angelina of the beauty world – they just go beautifully together. But how do you do it, and more importantly, how do you stop it looking like you’ve gone too wild with the bronzer?

 By contouring and highlighting, you can accentuate your natural features by defining and enhancing your profile – creating the ultimate, sculpted model look.

It sounds intimidating, but it can be made simple. The new Cover FX Contour Kit combines 4 shades in one palette. Cream palettes are much easier to blend than powders and give you a natural, glowing finish.

There are four tones, and therefore 4 simple steps.

Think of it a bit like paint by numbers – each number corresponds to different sections of the face.

Firstly: Apply foundation beforehand for a good base to work on.

When contouring, use one end of a contour brush to apply your highlight and contour shades. Use the other end of the brush to blend all areas afterwards.

HIGHLIGHT (shades 1 & 2)

1: Forehead, centre of the nose, chin

To brighten the centre of the face.

Under eyes

To brighten, create a ‘V’ by placing the highlight shade in a triangle from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye down the cheek.

2: Under brow, inner corner of eye, top of cheekbones

To reflect light and for added glow, place the illuminating highlight shade under the arch of the brow, in the inner corner of each eye and on top of cheekbones.

CONTOUR (shades 3 & 4)

3: Sides of the nose

To slim and give definition to the nose

Under the cheekbones

To sculpt and define cheeks.


For a slimming effect.

4: For a more dramatic effect, use the deeper contour shade in the same areas as colour 3.

Make sure you have built all colours before blending with a contouring brush. Lightly dust face with a setting powder to secure for all day use. Complete the look with a touch of colour – try a light blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Cover FX Contour Kit, $48, 0.63oz, available at Sephora.

Holly Buckingham

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