How I’m Dealing with My Hair Regrowth in Self-Isolation



A simple guide on how to dye your own hair (and cover your blonde, or grey roots if you need) whilst stuck at home.

EEK! I’ve been stuck at home now for more than four weeks and my regrowth is a nightmare. Although many salons are open for business, taking on maybe one or maximum two clients per day. The risk is, going in for a hair colour and treatment, and coming into contact with people you don’t really know that well, and not knowing who they have come in contact with either. It’s kind of scary really.

And yet, prior to COVID-19, there was no issue at all coming into contact with someone who would give you a massage, colour your hair, or give you a facial treatment. The world did rapidly change in under a month.

Although I have managed to keep my anxiety levels in check, trying not to overthink the whole ‘how easy it is to catch COVID-19 compared to other cold and flus’ and I still do go to the supermarket once a week for groceries. Self-distancing from people you don’t know in a supermarket, seems far safer and easier, than coming into contact with someone at a hair salon, just to get my regrowth done.

I’m left with no alternative, but to manage my regrowth myself. Colour it at home and hope for the best really. I mean, it’s not the first time I have coloured my hair at home, so what’s the big deal – right? It should be easy.

So many great beauty brands have a wide-range of semi-permanent salon quality root touch-up products designed to cover a blonde hairline or greys quickly, with ease and with very little mess or stress involved.

1000 HOUR Hair Colour Root Cover-Up Dark Brown

For a quick an easy powder application which will last until you shampoo it out, try the 1000 HOUR Hair Colour Root Cover-Up Powder RRP $14.99.

Using the brush inside the kit, lightly brush the tinted powder along the hairline and roots where you can see regrowth.

It will conceal any regrowth instantly, and is waterproof, so won’t run if you get caught in the rain. The powder will last right up until you are ready to shampoo and wash your hair.

For an easy temporary spray on root cover up, try the L’oreal Professional Hair Touch Up Root Cover Up Spray RRP $17.95.

This root touch up spray has been formulated with make-up pigments, so it blends quickly and easily to cover any greys or regrowth, giving you great coverage.

Colour won’t run in the rain, and will stay put right up until you shampoo out. So, if you only wash your hair every five days, then the colour will last five days.

I’m currently using CLAIROL Root Touch-up Color Blending Gel RRP $17.99 in shade Dark Brown. It is a semi-permanent colour.

I’ve trialled it twice now and both times the results have been pretty good. Although some stubborn very white hairs are hard to cover at the best of times, The Root Touch Up Gel by Clairol covers around ninety percent of my greys, and I guess it would be the same for blonde re-growth.

Depending on how often you wash your hair, you should be able to get at least ten washes out of this product before any regrowth begins to show again. Of course, this doesn’t include any new growth which may appear from time to time.

Watch my video below, where I talk through how to use the semi-permanent gel to cover my regrowth in fifteen minutes whilst in self-isolation.

Bondi Beauty’s Rebecca Wilkinson talks through how to cover up greys with semi-permanent gel colour.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Ellus & Krus PH Balance Gel Toner RRP $50

an example of the gel toner by Ellus and Krue

Toner is one of those products most people tend to ignore and is completely underestimated. Toner can help reduce the size pf pores, and lock in moisture before applying any other product. It can even be used to freshen-up makeup through the day.

This gel product by NEW Australia natural skincare brand Ellus & Krue is revolutionary. I apply it every morning and evening after cleansing, before applying any serums, oils or moisturisers.

It contains Witch Hazel; one of the oldest beauty ingredients and known to help heal scaring, deeply cleanse pores and balance overall skin tone. This Gel Toner delivers skin everything it needs to be healthy and clear.

I’ve been a strong advocate for Witch Hazel since I was a teenager, when my late mother introduced me to it as a way of healing blemishes fast and boosting skin radiance.

It’s perfect for oily and combination skin types in particular, as it reduces surface sebum and pore sizes. I have found a significant reduction in the oil production on my chin and forehead, which are always the shiniest and oiliest parts of my face.

This is a winning product by Ellus & Krue. If your skin leans more towards the dry side of things, I would only recommend using this gel toner every second day in the AM only, to help balance skin throughout the day under makeup.

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