Hair Removal Advice from Someone Who’s Tried it All



BB writer Sarah Carroll has tried every hair removal treatment under the sun.

This is what she recommends.

We all have hair in places we don’t want. But the sad truth is that so many hair removal treatments are either too time consuming, too temporary, or too much of a strain on the wallet.

As someone with thick, dark and fast-growing hair (not to mention a side serving of sensitive skin) hair removal is the bane of my existence, and over the years I’ve pretty much tried it all: shaving, waxing, creams, threading, laser – not to mention a terrifying run-in with an epilator.

So, as a self-appointed hair-removal expert, I thought I would share my top suggestions for hair removal.


Best area of the body: Face and eyebrows

Pain/10:  9 for the first time, but 6 after a few sessions.

Cost: Usually around $20 for eyebrows and $50 for full face.

Why I recommend it:

Despite there being tears the first few times I had threading done, I stand by it being the best method for facial hair removal, especially for shaping eyebrows.

Having originated in India and being a popular method in the middle east, threading is a perfect for women with thick dark hair.

What I love about threading is that it is so much less harsh on the skin than waxing, so I don’t get breakouts afterwards.

Another bonus is that the results last longer than waxing and threading can achieve a much cleaner eyebrow shape as it allows for more precise hair removal.



Best Area of the Body: Everywhere and anywhere

Pain/10: 7/10 (the best way to describe the pain is like being flicked by a hot, thin rubber band).

Cost: It is going to dip into your savings, but think about it as an investment because the results are permanent, so you save money in the long run. Also, laser clinics often have deals where you get up to 50% off on sessions so definitely search around and find a trusted clinic that has a good deal going.

Why I recommend it:

I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that laser hair removal changed my life.

From having to shave every 2 days and having constant skin problems, to shaving once every few weeks, getting laser treatments done has been a god-send.

While the treatments are a bit more expensive, they are honestly such a good investment.

However, laser does work best on dark hair and pale skin so if you’re a tanned blonde it might not be the treatment for you.

I have been both to professional laser salons, and also purchased a Remington IPL machine to do my own top up treatments at home, and I can honestly vouch for the effectiveness of both.


HAIR FREE HAIR REMOVAL CREAM (a depilatory cream for at-home touch-ups)

Best Area of the Body: This works well everywhere but because it is not cheap I generally only use it on smaller areas.

Pain/10: 0/10 (perfect for sensitive skin or people with low pain thresholds)

Cost: $70 for 75mL (for a full month’s hair thinning treatment, one tube is enough for fmale facial hair, and two tubes for each arm/leg)

Why I recommend it:

I’ve tried a couple of depilatory creams before, but they often result in breakouts and a very messy shower. I found this hair removal cream online a few years back and thought I’d give it a go.

It claims to reduce hair growth in the same way that laser hair removal does.

I’ve never used the product frequently enough to know if it eventually stops all hair growth (I only use it as a touch up in-between other treatments or when I can’t be bothered to go to a salon), but it has thinned out my hair, the results last longer than other creams I’ve tried, and it doesn’t leave my skin irritated.

This cream works really well on the face as well as the body (I just calm the skin down afterwards by running over it with an ice cube to make sure I don’t break out).


Ultimately, if you have thick stubborn hair or sensitive skin like me, I definitely think it’s worth investing in products that are going to give you long term results.

So, give these products and treatments a try, it might save you a lot of money, time and hassle in the long run.

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