Bali Beauty Treatments. Making them work for you.

Bali isn’t just about surf and sand – the beauty treatments on offer are widespread and significantly cheaper than Australia.

Bali has some great beauty treatments on offer – just be sure to go to the right venues.

But you must take care to ensure you actually get what you think you’re getting….

1) Nails
The Balinese are specialists in manicures, and many salons have the best products available including gel nails. Manicures and pedicures can all be done at the same time, and treatments usually include generous massages, herbal teas, and more.
Bondi Beauty favourite: Think Pink – they even have a pick up and drop off service.

2) Massage
One wonders if there is a better place in the world to have massages than Asia, and especially Bali. Whether it is on the beach, in your hotel the massages are amazing, and you can pay as little or as much as you like. A great idea as a daily treat throughout your holiday.

3) Waxing
Waxing is available everywhere in Bali. The service is good, but it is wise to consider a more upmarket salon for this treatment ( which will still cost you 50% less than treatments back home) to ensure you are safe.

4) Lashes
Lash extensions are a relatively new addition to the Balinese beauty landscape. This is one of those treatments you really need to think through, as applying lashes are a fine art, and damage to your lashes let alone your eyes is a risk. The price for a full set of lashes is around $30, compared to $120 in Sydney, but it’s up to you if you feel comfortable taken the risk.

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