Jasmin Singh-brar


Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

5 DIY Healthy Salad Dressings You Will Love

These DIY salad dressings are as healthy as they are tasty. The downfall for a lot of cafes, restaurants and even ready-made salad dressings is that they can be packed with preservatives, additives, and are often extremely high in sodium and saturated, or ‘sat’ fats. Here are five healthy DIY dressings for various salads you […]

3 DIY Immunity Shots to Instantly Boost Your Health

These DIY immunity shots will have you fighting fit, as the weather starts to warm up in Sydney. By combining and consuming small, but potent doses of cold and flu fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in one quick shot size, you can instantly boost your overall health. Disclaimer: Do it for the health benefits, not […]

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