Australia Day BBQ Tips – to keep your waist line.

Australia Day is the day for fun in the sun, and these BBQ Tips will help you keep your waist line.

Keep your eye on your figure whilst having fun on Australia Day.

Australia Day is the day to celebrate everything we love about Australia and about being Australian. From Aussie BBQ’s to the beach and Aussie printed bikinis, have as much fun as you can but watch what you eat. A 2013 study concluded that Australia is ranked number four in the world for adult obesity – not good, and simply watching what you eat and making small changes can make a big difference.

The Great Aussie BBQ.

The Dieticians Association has five simple swaps to ensure you don’t blow your new years resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle;

1. Swap the two sausages for two lamb and vegetable kebabs, it will save you just over 200 calories

2. Swapping regular tomato sauce for salt-reduced tomato sauce will set your sodium levels up for a 365mg save

3. Swap your regular white bread for high-fibre white bread or wholemeal bread to up your daily dose of fibre (good for the digestive system)

4. Swapping a regular soft drink for sparkling water or diet soft drink will save your body 8 teaspoons of sugar – Bondi Beauty recommends soda water with fresh lime or lemon (maybe even a nip of vodka for a low calorie alcoholic beverage)

5. Swapping a full strength beer for a light beer will also prevent excess calorie intake

Aussie fingernails are expected to be a big beauty trend this weekend – and it is a no calorie reward for yourself.

For more ideas to save yourself from excess calorie consumption when choosing the right alcoholic beverage see Bondi Beauty article:

By BB Intern Brooke Davie


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