Never get sunburnt again

A new device called Sunscreenr helps prevent sunburn.

There’s a new device which may prevent sunburn. It’s called Sunscreenr.

Sunscreenr is a small, easy to carry UV camera device.

You take a photo of yourself through the UV lens of the Sunscreenr camera, and this picture will allow you to see in real-time, whether you are wearing enough sunscreen. Used throughout the day, it allows you to check when you need to re-apply sunscreen.

David Cohen and Jon Meyer, the creators have watched family members struggle with skin cancer and say:

“We wanted to create a way to better protect our children and ourselves from sun damage. Sunscreen has significantly reduced our chances of getting skin cancer, however new research has shown that most people only apply 20 to 50% of the required sunscreen needed to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays.”

David and Jon came up with the idea of the camera a few years ago, when they were brainstorming ways of creating a simple device, which could be carried and allow people to check if they had properly applied sunscreen. Especially after swimming or spending long hours outside.

The functionality of the Sunscreenr camera is very simple. Unlike the lens of your smartphone or normal camera, where they are designed to capture visible light, the lens of the Sunscreenr camera absorb only UV light. Which is unseen to the human eye.

The idea is, you apply sunscreen all over your face and body, then use the Sunscreenr to take a photo of yourself. When you look back at the image, your skin will look very dark where you have applied sunscreen and almost white in areas where there is no sunscreen.

The Sunscreenr device is now available worldwide; just in time for an Australian summer. All Sunscreenr devices come with a micro USB charger and microfiber bag, for easy carrying and protection and costs $119.

For more information on the Sunscreenr device and where you can purchase one, head to their website:

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