Don’t stress – Protein powders wont bulk you up

Don't stress - Protein powders wont bulk you up Bondi Beauty
Protein is about fuelling your body, not bulking you up.

Cliff Harvey is a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Strength Coach who is expelling the myths associated with Protein Powders.

When we think of protein powder, our first thought is often body builders and the notion of ‘bulking’.

However, everyone, whether you practice an active lifestyle or not, should be refuelling with the right amount of protein for their body. 

Mr Harvey explains why we no longer need to fear that tub of powder:

Myth #1: Eating too much Protein is bad for you

For someone who is healthy and leads an active lifestyle, it is very difficult to eat too much protein. Protein is important because it contains amino acids – the building blocks for cells and tissue. None of these are known as ‘essential amino acids’ because they are compounds our body cannot create on its own.

The average person needs as little as 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight yet someone who is active needs significantly more, usually around 1.4-2 grams per kg of body weight. This quantity should be consumed on a daily basis as we get older to help maintain muscle tone.

Myth #2: Vegetable proteins are incomplete

The definition of a complete protein is one that supplies all the essential amino acids. According to Mr Harvey a lot of vegetable proteins available on the market fall short of this standard. One that does not however is Clean Lean Protein, made from golden pea isolate with a high protein content of up to 90%.

The protein is extracted at low temperatures under water through a natural enzyme process to preserve the protein integrity and quality.

Myth #3: Soy is the best vegetable protein

As far as your body is concerned all proteins are created equal. The thing that makes a protein source better or worse for you is the other stuff that comes along for the ride. Soy protein contains allergens and anti-nutrients like phytic acid, which binds to minerals and prevents their absorption.

Myth #4: Our bodies need every essential amino acid at every meal

Vegetarians and vegans used to spend a great deal of time and effort balancing the recommended ratios of amino acids in every meal – but Mother Nature is one step ahead of us. As long as we’re supplying our bodies with all of the essential amino acids over the course of a day, we don’t have to go to these lengths to be healthy.

Myth #5: Protein powders will bulk you up

Protein powders that have added carbs are going to ‘bulk’ you up and help gain big muscle. If you want a protein powder that is going to facilitate lean muscle growth, pick a powder that contains just protein, the fewer the ingredients the better. A high protein content should be at least 80%.

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