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Meet Saimaa Miller; founder of The Last Resort Organic Detox Spa at Bondi, and naturopath to some of Australia’s most famous people.

Miranda Kerr’s Australian Naturopath Bondi Beauty

Working in the health industry for twenty years, Saimaa is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, detox specialist and health coach. She is a mum of two, who not only leads a holistic life at Bondi, but has also completed her yoga teacher training in India and has a black belt in kickboxing.

When she was 13 years old, Saimaa lost her mother to Breast Cancer. Her mother was only 44 years old. This was the catalyst to Saimaa’s career in natural health.

She says: ’I knew that my mum’s cancer was a direct result of keeping negative emotions deep inside. My mother was an amazing woman. She was a true witch doctor, healing our colds and ear aches with natural medicines. She offered endless amounts of love to all around her, but forgot to give the same unconditional love and care to herself.

From an early age, Saimaa wanted to better understand how much the mind affects your body and health.

Throughout her twenties, she embarked on a journey of understanding how vitally important the wellbeing of your mind is, in protecting your health. She spent time at many health retreats, experimented with different diets, explored different forms of meditation & yoga, studied specific detoxification courses and completed her naturopathic training at the Nature Care College in Sydney.

Now in her thirties, she runs The Last Resort Organic Detox Spa in Bondi, which opened in January 2005.

Frequented by Bondi celebrities including Lara Bingle and Jessica Gomes, she is also responsible for the clear skin and hot bodies of some of Australia’s most beautiful people, like Miranda Kerr and Hugh Jackman.

The Last Resort has a unique organic detox menu, which uses age old treatments to help achieve great skin health. By combining a body detox and deep cleansing facial, the body is cleansed of any excess toxins stored, normally caused from the consumption of the food we eat and air pollution.

By riding the body of these toxins, the skin is able to function at its optimal levels, stays smooth, clear, well hydrated and vibrant.

‘Detoxing is important as it plays an essential part in general gut health. Many people don’t realise the connection between the inside and the outside of the body is so strong. Especially when it comes to the gut and its important role in the body and how it reflects in your skin. I always say: a healthy gut = healthy body,” Saimaa explains.

To promote a healthy gut, The Last Resort includes Colon Cleansing and Lymphatic Draining within their treatment programs, which cleanses the stomach, liver and kidneys of any toxins.

And although her client base includes a wide variety of local and international celebrities and sportspeople, she gets the most satisfaction out of helping ordinary people looking for better health.

‘It’s a real learning curve for people, and many struggle with the idea behind organic health and have difficulty understanding it,” she says.  “Especially when they come for their first treatment. But this makes the treatment all that more special.

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