Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

At Bondi Beauty, we know exactly what beauty products you need in your gym bag, and they’re all here:

We’ve compiled a list of goodies that’ll have you covered next time you’re working out.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
Face wipes are a god-send after every workout. Refreshing and cleansing.

Face Wipes: Perfect for removing the bulk of your make up beforehand, soaking up sweat and for refreshing and toning afterwards. Choose a gentle wipe like Wotnot Facial Wipes $7.95. These are certified organic, chemical free, infused with amazing ingredients like rosehip oil and are perfect for sensitive skin.

Blotting Papers: Doing yoga or pilates? Opt for blotting papers instead of face wipes. You can still keep your makeup on and use them for touch-ups afterwards. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Papers are a steal for only $4.95. Perfect for lunch-hour sessions.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
Blotting paper takes away shine before, during and after a workout. Gold.



Dry shampoo: No time to wash your hair? Dry shampoo is every fitness girl’s best friend.  Apply to your roots and work into the hair – the trick is to leave it on for at least 4 minutes to soak up excess oil and then brush for an instant refresh. Batiste Dry Shampoo $9.95 has a fab range for specific hair types like brunettes and blondes.

 Lip & Cheek stains: This is another two-in-one save-your-life kind of product with the dual purpose of perking up your cheeks and lips. No brush is required just apply a few dots on your cheeks, lips or both with your finger and blend. Benefit Benetint $55 is a universal shade that will work for most complexions.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
Any product that works for both cheeks and lips is a bonus in your gym bag. Benefit benetint is a girl’s best friend from workout to going out.

Muscle Therapy: Say hello to your new best friend. This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy $42 is an amazing, cooling rollerball infused with essential oils that will soothe any achy, tired muscles or even headaches. Apply to your sore spots and you’re good to go in minutes.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
This product could be the best you’ve ever had after your next weights session.

Face spray; this may seem like a bit of a luxury but your skin will thank you. Spritzing the Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist $17.50 all over the skin is going to give an instant refresh and add a boost of hydration. Great to spray for an instant boost any time of the day – and it also works over make-up.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
Dermologica’s face spray is one our favourites.






Light Moisturiser or BB cream: BB creams are a gym junkie’s best friend because they’re super lightweight and easy to apply.  Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB cream $38 is the perfect multi-tasker that will give you light coverage whilst nourishing the skin. Don’t need any coverage?  Slather a lightweight moisturizer like Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Crème $75 all over for ultimate rehydration.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
BB Cream is a great option to wear when working out if you don’t want to jog make-up free.

Foundation: Good to keep on hand in case you are squeezing in a session before an event. The MAC Face & Body $49 is a great buildable foundation with a beautiful natural finish. Dot all over face and blend in with fingers – no brushes needed.  If you happen to have a bruise from an over zealous workout, you can also use it to cover it up before you head out.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
MAC Face and Body Foundation can be worked into a good coverage and can also be dotted over any body bruises you may have from working out too hard.


Waterproof mascara: Is a must-have if you feel naked without mascara and will save you from looking like a panda. The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara $52 is a fantastic all-rounder. Apply one coat before working out for subtle definition or two coats afterwards for a bit more length and volume.

Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials Bondi Beauty
Estee Lauder’s waterproof mascara guarantees flawless eye make-up.

What’s your go-to product in your gym bag?

 By BB Beauty Intern Sarah Fisher

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