Jade Rollers make you look younger? 3 reasons you MUST try this new beauty trend

Jade facial rollers are a hot new beauty trend, and for good reason.

The jade facial rollers were an ancient Chinese anti-ageing tool used to smooth fine lines, get rid of under-eye bags and increase those positive vibes by balancing your chi.

Aside from the very decadent feeling of rolling a beautiful crystal on your face, the jade facial rollers should be an essential part of any girl’s skin care regime. Here’s why:

  1. Often, we store most of our tension in our facial muscles which then cause fine lines and wrinkles. The rolling of the jade across your face works as a massaging tool and will increase your blood circulation, stimulate lymph fluid circulation to depuff your face instantly and will help reduce the appearance of lines.
  2. Rolling jade over your face isn’t just for the accompanying soothing feeling you may feel but your face is bound to feel smoother and your complexion will brighten.
  3. Many of the world’s leading beauty experts such as New York facialist Ling Chan (who’s famous clientele boasts supermodels Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo) and Melanie Gleeson founder and CEO of Endota Spa, have started incorporating this tool in their skincare regimes. The organic beauty gurus at Endota Spa use these rollers in their Organic Infusion facial as an anti-ageing tool to promote youthful and glowing skin.
Jade Facial Roller

So how do you use the facial roller?

There are no special tricks to this beautiful crystal tool.

After applying your serum or moisturiser and it has absorbed into your skin, roll the jade roller in an upwards motion working from your neck to your forehead. You can use the roller morning or night, because let’s be honest ladies, you can never have enough of a good thing.

The jade facial rollers are certainly so much more than just rolling crystals on your face, this hot new trend is worth the hype.

Milly Haddrick


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