Make it a candle Christmas

There are a lot of things to love about Christmas

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi Beauty

We found 5 distinctively scented Christmas candles, to fill your house and heat with Christmas Love.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi BeautyCrabtree & Evelyn: Noel $55.00

Cool breezes, warm fireplaces and mulled wine. Crabtree & Evelyn know how to capture the real essence of the Christmas spirit in a scent. Welcome guests into your home with the warming scents of mulled spices, zesty citrus and spruce.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi Beauty

Ecoya: Fresh Pine $42.95

If you have ever walked in a pine forest right after it’s rained, this candle smells exactly like that and is enriched with the richness of newly sawn forest wood and fresh pine which transforms your house into the Bavarian Mountains.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi BeautyThe Body Shop: Frosted Berries $29.95

Enriched with cranberry seed oil, this candle is an irresistibly juicy scent which smells like freshly baked berry pie, right out of the oven. If you don’t like sweet scents, then this candle is probably not for you.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi BeautyMolton Brown London: Fabled Juniper Berries and Lapp Pine $60.00

Nothing says luxe like a Molton Brown candle. This candle is an elegant, seasonal candle blended with notes of juniper berry, pine trees and oakmoss, which fills the space with bracing aromas of an untouched winter landscape.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi BeautyGlasshouse Fragrances: Christmas Cheer $44.95

Unlike other parts of the world, Australia has a very unique scent at Christmas. This limited edition candle captures that very essence. Inspired by pavlova the candle is scented with warming notes of passionfruit, vanilla and lemon myrtle and surprisingly not too sweet when burned.

Make it a candle Christmas Bondi BeautyBe Enlightened: Cinamon & Nutmeg $39.99

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a freshy baked Christmas pudding drizzled with brandy custard. For those of you who love the real smell of a spiced Christmas, this is the candle for you as its enriched with spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg,

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