New Organic French Day Spa in Bondi

There’s a new organic day spa in Bondi mixing Chinese medicine with French beauty treatments.

New Organic French Day Spa in Bondi Bondi Beauty

BIOTYSPA is the first organic French day spa to hit Bondi, which specializes in treatments for women only and uses only natural and organic beauty treatments, with a hint of ancient Chinese medicine.

The Chinese medicine part is a unique combination of energetic works with Chinese meridian points, which stimulate and activate blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. These points are focused on the idea the human body has five element healing points, which control health and wellbeing on the inside and the outside of the body.

Founder of BIOTYSPA, Deborah Thomas is a French facialist and former beauty journalist who graduated as a beauty therapist at Josiane Laure in Paris. Josiane Laure is where Deborah learned the technique behind mixing age old Chinese medicine with French beauty.

Deborah’s in-depth knowledge of skincare, natural beauty and health are truly amazing.

From the moment, you walk into the day spa, you instantly feel a sense of calm. The clean white walls of the reception area are complimented with floor to ceiling windows, which allows natural light to shine through, creating a very natural and warming space for you to simply just chill out and relax.

New Organic French Day Spa in Bondi Bondi Beauty

BIOTYSPA treatments are very personalized and specialised for the need of each client. Treatments can change each time you go, depending on what your body needs at the time. This is due to the human body being one giant organ. It moves and changes daily, so each treatment needs to be adjusted accordingly, to how your body is feeling on the day of your appointment.

Every appointment at BIOTYSPA starts with a small consultation, where you discuss what your body and skin are feeling with Deborah, over a delicious cooling and homemade ice tea. This allows Deborah to determine what treatment is best suited for you that day.

There are many great treatments provided at BIOTYSPA, including that of a specialized microcurrent skin treatment; a small electronic device which uses low level electrical currents to trigger the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals on a cellular level to boost collagen deep within the skin cells.

BIOTYSPA uses specialized beauty skincare products created by Josiane Laure in Paris and offer a wide range of treatments such as Le Detox treatment, which is a detoxing and draining massage to help promote the flow of lymph throughout the body or the Le Velour treatment, which is a full body exfoliation performed with a natural scrub compounding of cherry powder, hamamelis floral water and orange; eliminating all impurities and dead cells by gently smoothing and toning the skin, preparing the skin for all the benefits of a treatment.

For more information on what treatments are available at BIOTYSPA, head to

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